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EvolutionVN is the home of a proprietary piece of exercise equipment, the Evolution Training System. As their flagship product, the Evolution is a compact, versatile, and functional piece of equipment that makes exercise and rehabilitation more practical, effective, and sustainable. It was designed to fit any space and to have unique applications for every user. And with CEO and Lead Innovator, Vu Nguyen, leading the way, EvolutionVN develops products with functionality, universality, and user experience in mind.

Vision: a world where everyone exercises because they can, not because they should.

Mission: to promote movement by making exercise convenient, accessible, and sustainable regardless of experience, skill, and (dis)ability.

Values: Innovation, Inclusion, Quality, and Continuous Improvement

Our Team

About EvolutionVN - Vu Nguyen - Owner and Lead Inventor

Vu Nguyen, Founder and Lead Innovator

Vu is the innovator behind the Evolution and founder of EvolutionVN. He has always loved designing, creating, and building and this curiosity and intuition helped him create the Evolution. He has always been driven to help others achieve their best. And today, he has carried this passion forward and uses the Evolution to help people of all abilities.

If you think there's something he can do to make your journey better or easier, you can reach him directly at: vu@evolutionVN.com

About EvolutionVN - Amy Bois - Adaptive Exercise and Product Expert

Amy Bois, Chief Partnership Officer and Disability Specialist

Amy first got involved with adapted fitness through her son Tyler who has Spina Bifida and is a wheelchair user. She is an Adaptive Inclusive Trainer through the ATA and runs the Adaptive Fitness Club for the Spina Bifida Association and has extensive experience within the neurodiverse community. As the Chief Partnership Officer of EvolutionVN, she is responsible for creating industry relationships that expand our mission, reach, and impact.

If you want to learn more about her story, ways we can work together, or how to modify exercises to your specific needs, you can reach her at amy@evolutionVN.com.

About EvolutionVN - Anthony Lue - Aspiring Paralympian & Product Champion

Anthony Lue, Aspiring Paralympian & Evolution Champion

12 years ago, at the age of 21, Anthony’s life was suddenly and brutally changed forever. While at work, he was crushed in a car at a scrap metal yard. This resulted in Anthony losing it all – including the use of his legs. Before the accident, he had dreamed of competing for Canada in the Olympics in the 110 m hurdles. Anthony’s desire to compete continue to be his main motivation in life. Now, as a paraplegic, Anthony excels as an athlete, speaker and accessibility consultant.

To learn more about Anthony and the incredible things he's up to, visit his website: anthonylue.com