[Active] Evolution Home Gym 2.0

The Evolution is for every space


For every purpose.

The Evolution is for everyone


For every one.

The Evolution is for every purpose


For every space.

The Evolution Home Gym

We created the Evolution to make exercise accessible, and inclusive, regardless of experience, skill, and ability. It has a unique, patented design that allows you to safely and securely attach resistance bands at different heights and locations to maximize their effectiveness. In its small, 3’ x 3’ footprint, the Evolution gives you access to hundreds of exercises ranging from assisted exercises, resistance exercises, parallel bar exercises, rehabilitation exercises, adapted exercises, and more.

Physical Therapy

Evolution Home Gym 2.0 - Physical Therapy

Resistance bands and parallel bars are fundamental tools for physical therapy and the Evolution gives you access to both.

Traditional Exercise

Evolution Home Gym 2.0 - Traditional Exercise

In its 3’ x 3’ footprint, the Evolution delivers hundreds of exercises ranging from squats to lunges, back rows to chest presses, and much more.

Adaptive Applications

Evolution Home Gym 2.0 -  Adaptive Exercise

For wheelchair users and those with other disabilities, the Evolution is a safe, low-impact, and effective exercise tool, regardless of your specific needs.

Compact and Easy-to-Assemble

The new and improved Evolution Home Gym 2.0 is designed with collapsible arms. The easy-to-assemble design ensures that exercise enthusiasts of all levels of experience can achieve their health, exercise, and fitness goals from the convenience of home. It is versatile system used for traditional exercise, physical therapy, athletic training, and more. We packed as much functionality as we possibly could into this one piece of equipment. The term "ALL INCLUSIVE" has taken on new meaning.

The Evolution Home Gym 2.0 - Unassembled

It's almost ready to go right out of the box

The Evolution Home Gym 2.0 - Assembled

Takes a minute or two to assemble

The Evolution Home Gym 2.0 - Assembled w/ Parallel Bars

And just a few seconds to put on bars

Why Choose the Evolution?

The Evolution was designed to be extremely compact and versatile. It was created specifically to be used from the convenience of home. Its unique, simple, and innovative structure unleashes the awesome potential of resistance bands to help you achieve your goals, no matter what they may be. Whether you want to do traditional exercises, get a bit of assistance, challenge yourself on parallel bars, or exercise with a partner, the Evolution has you covered.

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