Why the Evolution is the #1 Best Home Gym

by: Vu Nguyen

I wanted to share with you a bit about me, specifically my journey through fitness.

It's not the prettiest journey, but along the way, I learned a lot about myself and people in general. And, from these learnings, I decided that the industry wasn't doing a good job of helping ordinary people like you and me.

I knew there needed to be a better option so I combined my backgrounds in Engineering, Personal Training, and Life Coaching to create what's called the Evolution Training System.

If you want to skip ahead and learn why I believe it's the best home gym, scroll right to the bottom (I won't be offended).

Through my journey, my goal was to learn why so many people fail to reach their health goals.

The truth is, everyone knows that health is important and that exercise has a big part to play. But why do so many people fall short of creating that healthy life that they want?

Over time I learned that most goals are achievable.

This is true whether they're health and fitness goals, career goals, or life goals. Or whether they're daily goals, monthly goals, or yearly goals.

It doesn’t matter, goals are goals. There are no goals set too high and no goals too ambitious.

It comes down to a simple formula. To achieve your goals, regardless of what they may be, you'll need:

  • the appropriate knowledge
  • the dedication and the motivation
  • consistency
  • to overcome fear

The last point may come as a surprise to you, but as I’ve learned throughout my life, it holds very true. Whether it's fear of yourself or fear of others, fear can be the largest inhibitor of success - it was for me.

Why the Evolution is the Best Home Gym - Versatile, Compact, and Easy-to-Use

How Fear Stopped My Journey Before it Began

My fitness goals have evolved as I gained more knowledge, increased my dedication and motivation, developed the consistency to succeed, and broke away from my fears.

When I first started my journey, my definition of health couldn’t have been more flawed: to develop a nice body so that girls would like me.

But I was an insecure teen.

Graduating from high school 17 years ago, I was 120 pounds soaking wet and couldn’t have been more insecure or "confident-less" about my body and my stature.

I knew something needed to be done… but what?

I wanted to “hit the gym” but the gym was too expensive and, more importantly, too intimidating. All the guys (and girls) were stronger than me and knew more than I did.

Whether this was true or not is completely irrelevant. It was something I truly believed. Therefore, it was as good as reality.

My fear of shame and ridicule created a massive barrier between me and the person I wanted to be.

And, from the day I committed to making a change, it would be 3 years before I mustered the courage to step foot into my first gym; the University gym.

Up till that point, I did what I felt to be the safest and most comfortable; bodyweight exercises in the security of my home.

How Gyms Fail Us

Over the past decade, I’ve talked to and trained many people. Through this experience, I've learned that the fear I had was very common.

We all know health is important and that exercise plays a large role in health. But, even so, the thought of stepping into a gym is frightening to many of us. And for many different reasons.

It's intimidating, crowded, and loud to name a few.

Many people sign up for memberships, pay a hefty monthly fee, only to never go or go very infrequently.

Statistically, 2 out of every 3 of people who have memberships never use them. Big gyms develop business models that depend on people not showing up.

The average rate for a gym membership is $60 per month. So, even the most delusional of people who once convinced themselves that they’ll “start going tomorrow” will eventually feel that burning hole in their pocket, end the façade, and cancel their gym membership.

This is normal behavior.

However, this begs the question: why sign up for a membership only to throw in the towel before a sweat has been broken? Only they know the true answer to this question, but common sense says that they once believed they would commit to a gym routine.

The keyword here is once.

So, what changed? According to www.statista.com, here are a few of the top reasons why gym memberships are canceled:

  • it was too expensive (*raises hand*)
  • it was not convenient
  • it was too crowded (*raises hand*)
  • he/she developed an injury (*raises hand*)
  • he/she felt out of place (*raises hand*)
  • he/she did not meet their fitness goals
  • it was too intimidating (*raises hand*)
  • he/she did not get any guidance (*raises hand*)
  • he/she didn’t know what to do there (*raises hand*)

This is a long list of reasons (and there are many more). Maybe we just like to make excuses.

Regardless, this long list can be summarized by a few key points: cost, inconvenience, unfamiliarity and discomfort, and lack of knowledge and information.

The Gym isn’t an Option… Now What?

The obvious answer here is to pick up a few items here and there for a makeshift home gym and exercise at home.

Sounds great!

That is until you find out that the average treadmill is $1,000 and all you can do on it is… run?! I’m pretty sure that this can be done for free.

What about weights? Dumbbells and plates cost about $1.50 per pound. What about a barbell, weight bench, or a squat rack?

After a large investment, you’ve gained the convenience you wanted, but realize that you’re still short on knowledge and guidance. Not to mention, you’ve used up half of your living room, bedroom, or garage to accommodate this equipment.

Hmm… what about an all-in-one cable machine?

Expensive, bulky, large, and heavy. Very heavy. And they also require a lot of maintenance.

"Come to think of it, exercising at home doesn’t make sense either. I’ll figure something out tomorrow and start the next day…"

Why the Evolution is the Best Home Gym

This is Why I Needed to Invent the Best Home Gym

I couldn't (and still can't) accept this. There had to be a better alternative.

So, I combined my years of engineering and personal training, gathered the opinions and feedback of clients, and created what I believe to be the best home gym; the Evolution Training System. I know this is a bold statement, but I know our customers agree (see our testimonials).

What makes it the best home gym? The Evolution is the best home gym because it was designed taking into consideration all of the most common barriers.

The Evolution is:

  • versatile - you can get assistance, do resistance, develop your cardio, work on your stability, use parallel bars, and much more, without requiring multiple pieces of equipment
  • compact - it requires 3 feet x 3 feet of space
  • easy-to-assemble - it takes 60 seconds to assemble
  • easy-to-use - there's something for everyone, from beginner to athlete

Not only that, but the Evolution also comes with an Online Training System to ensure you have:

  • knowledge - we show you which exercises to do, how many to do, and how to do them
  • confidence - we talk you through each exercise
  • support - we will be there for you, however, you need it

Other benefits:

  • you can exercise in the comfort of your home
  • you can exercise in your pajamas
  • you don't have to put on makeup
  • you don't have to waste time driving to the gym
  • you don't have to worry about judgmental eyes

So, if any of the above applies to you and you've:

  • given up hope on achieving your health and fitness goals at a gym
  • given up on the idea of putting together a home gym due to cost, space, and lack of guidance,

there’s still hope for you yet…

Don't let fear hold you back any longer.

This is your Evolution. To learn more about the Evolution and how it can help you, click here. To see all of the exercises you can do on one compact system, visit our exercise library.