Creating Balance With the Evolution – A Chiropractor’s Perspective

by:Vu Nguyen September 3, 2017

The following is an unsolicited, professional opinion about the Evolution from Ascension Wellness Chiropractor, Johnathon Ng.

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As a chiropractor, I often treat conditions caused by muscle imbalances and weak stability musculature. Muscle imbalance can lead to conditions such as upper or lower cross syndrome, pelvic tilting, and in extreme cases – scoliosis. Usually these imbalances are created over time by repetitive motion, poor posture, or improper movements. Exercise therapy has been shown to help bring strength, stability, and balance to different muscle groups. However this requires specific movements and training to target and challenge specific muscle groups, which can be quite difficult for those attending conventional work out programs or gyms.

Dr. Johnathon Ng is a Chiropractor at Ascension Wellness.

After spending some time working with creator and certified trainer Vu Nguyen, I realized the potential the Evolution can have on public health. Resistance bands are commonly used by physiotherapists and athletic therapists in their rehabilitation and strengthening programs. Resistance bands are a valuable tool in therapy because they provide variable tension, which trains stability, and are a safe closed chain exercise. The use of resistance bands are healthier for the joints as there is no dynamic impact. The Evolution utilizes different resistance bands which are adjustable to any level of athlete, and also offers something unique to any exercise apparatus I have seen – unilateral angular resistance. The Evolution can force the athlete to work on stability on one side specifically, creating functional movement patterns to address muscle imbalances. The certified and knowledgeable trainers create work out programs which develop strength and conditioning without the need of heavy weights or multiple machines.

They say that prevention is the best form of medicine, and fitness training is a vital part of disease and injury prevention. The Evolution not only targets weak muscle groups to address imbalances in the body, it provides an excellent full body work out. There are many advantages that I have found in using the Evolution, but to really get an understanding I would recommend reaching out and giving it a try!

Dr. Johnathon Ng BSc. BS. DC.

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Dr. Ng obtained a Bachelors in Natural Science from the University of Calgary, a Bachelors of Human Biology and a Doctorate of Chiropractic degree from the University of Western States. Dr. Ng uses soft tissue therapies such as myofascial release, and passive stretching in combination with his chiropractic adjustment. While not at work he often volunteers at sporting events, or is fueling his fitness lifestyle at the gym or on the running paths! In his down time he could also be found enjoying a good book, video game, or fine dining experience with his wife.

If you are in need to chiropractic advice and/or services, don’t hesitate to contact Dr. Ng at (403) 567-0400 or visit