Donald Standing

by:Vu Nguyen

When I first saw the Evolution, I didnt know what it was or how it worked, it looked like a great place to hang a wet beach towel. After some education, I was pleasantly surprised that this simple intelligently built device can give a great workout. I started using it in early February 2018, being out of shape I struggled getting though a fitness Something is wrong. The great thing about the Evolution is that you can add resistance or remove it depending on the type of exercise that you are doing. You will slowly build strength in every portion of your body including those muscles that you never knew existed.I have been using this device now twice a week fairly regular for 3 months. I dont have a beach body yet, no 6 pack, and Im still dreaming about those UFC Biceps. I dont look different but I can notice a difference when doing regular activities. When going swimming my breast stroke is much more forceful and I dont tire out as quickly as in the past. When doing yard work I can handle a gas whippersnipper with one arm without tiring or switching limbs for longer periods. Dragging large maple tree branches across the yard to the burn pile isnt the daunting task it used to be.The Evolution design allows you set the resistance to tough or lenient to match your current fitness level. Its is easy to learn to do exercises on it, it doesnt cost thousands of dollars, it doesnt a membership, and it wont take up a quarter section of space in your home. When you first see the Evolution, you may look at it funny wondering how it works, after a few rounds of sweating it out, youll come to your senses and realize what a great device it is.If you are planning on trying to get back into shape, give this device a chance, you wont be disappointed.