Journey to Fit – To Gym or not to Gym?

by:Vu Nguyen June 12, 2016

Health and fitness goals, career goals or life goals. Daily goals, monthly goals or yearly goals. It doesn’t matter. Goals are goals. There are no goals set too high and no goals set too low. Goals are relative and personal. You set your own. If you achieve them, you reap the rewards. If you don’t, then you’re to blame.

It really comes down to a very simple formula. To achieve your goals, regardless of what they are, you will need:

  • the appropriate knowledge.
  • the dedication and the motivation.
  • consistency.
  • to overcome fear.

The last point may come as a surprise to some of you but, as I’ve learned throughout my life, it holds very true. Whether its fear of yourself or fear of others, fear can be the largest inhibitor of success.

How Fear Stopped My Journey Before It Began

My fitness goals have certainly evolved over time as I learned to break away from my fears, gained the appropriate knowledge, enhanced my dedication and my motivation, and developed the consistency to succeed. However, when I first began, my definition of “fit” couldn’t have been more simplistic: develop a body that I felt comfortable walking around in.

Graduating from high school, a little over 10 years ago, I was 120 pounds and couldn’t be more insecure or “confident-less” about my body and my stature. I knew that something had to be done… but what? I wanted to “hit the gym” but the gym was too expensive and, more importantly, too intimidating. All of the guys (and girls) there were bigger than I was and they all had the knowledge that I didn’t. Whether or not this was true is completely irrelevant. It was something that I truly believed and, therefore, it was as good as reality.

My fear of shame and ridicule was a giant barricade between myself and the person that I wanted to be.

Just Another Victim – One of Many

Over the course of the past decade I’ve talked to and trained many individuals and I’ve learned that this fear of mine is very common. It is common and not exclusive to the gym amateur. The thought of stepping into the gym is daunting to many people and for many different reasons. There is a large population that signs up for a gym membership, pays a hefty monthly fee, only to never go or goes infrequently. In fact, 2/3 of individuals that have gym memberships simply let them go to waste. Gyms actually build their business models around these individuals.

Throwing in the Towel

The average rate of a gym membership nowadays is $60 per month. Even the most delusional of people who once convinced themselves that they’ll “start going tomorrow” will eventually feel that metaphorical hole burning in their pocket, end the façade and cancel their gym membership. This is normal behaviour. However, this begs the question: why do ‘they’ sign up for the membership in the first place? Only ‘they’ know the true answer to this question but, common sense says that, ‘they’ once believed that ‘they’ would actually commit to a gym routine. The keyword here is “once”.

So, what changed? Why sign up for a gym membership only to throw in the metaphorical towel before a sweat has been broken? According to, here are a few of the top reasons why gym memberships are cancelled:

  • it was too expensive (*raises hand*).
  • it was not convenient.
  • it was too crowded (*raises hand*).
  • he/she developed an injury.
  • he/she felt out of place (*raises hand*).
  • he/she did not meet their fitness goals.
  • it was too intimidating (*raises hand*).
  • he/she did not get any guidance (*raises hand*).
  • he/she didn’t know what to do there (*raises hand*).

This is a long list of potential reasons. Maybe we, as humans, just like to make excuses. Regardless, this long list can be summarized by a few key points: cost, inconvenience, unfamiliarity and discomfort, lack of knowledge and information.

The Gym isn’t an Option… Now What?

The obvious answer here is to pick up a few items here and there for a makeshift home gym and exercise at home. Sounds great! That is until you find out that the average treadmill is $900 and all you can really do on it is… run?! I’m pretty sure that this can be done for free.

What about free weights? Dumbbells and plates typically run you for $1.50 CAD per pound. What about a barbell? A weight bench? A squat rack? Gulp! A hefty investment later, you’ve gained the convenience that you desired but realize that you’re still short on the knowledge and the guidance which deterred you from the gym in the first place (not to mention, you’ve used up the entirety of your man-cave, Baby Jane’s bedroom, or the garage to accommodate this equipment). Hmmmm… What about a do-it-all cable stack machine? Ditto free weights. Expensive, bulky, large, and heavy. Very heavy. What about the complicated pulley systems? Will they require maintenance? Probably. Are these machines child friendly?? And, you still don’t have the knowledge and the guidance!

Come to think of it, exercising at home doesn’t make sense either. Besides, my shoulders and knees have been hurting anyway. I’ll figure something out tomorrow and start the next day…

There’s No Hope… Or is There?

If any of the above applies to you and you’ve:

  • given up hope on achieving those health and fitness goals at a gym,
  • foregone the idea of assembling an at-home exercise facility due to cost and/or lack of guidance,

there’s still hope for you yet…

Welcome to the Evolution! Your complete fitness apparatus that offers you resistance, assistance, rehab and recovery, agility and partner training. Your fitness apparatus that will fit in that unused corner of your house or condo unit ensuring that Baby Jane still has a bedroom.

There is hope after all. All you have to do is join the Evolution