Partner Exercises


You never have to exercise alone on the Evolution. Partner programs can be set up in seconds for you and your spouse, child, or friend to exercise together at the exact same time!


Below are some examples of partner exercises that you can do on your Evolution. As long as one of you is on the platform, the number of combinations are endless. Train together, achieve together.

Triceps Dips & Seated Shoulder Presses

Squats and High Pulls & Triceps Kickbacks

Squats and Presses & Biceps Curls

Seated Shoulder Presses and Knee Raises

Seated Back Rows and Stationary Lunges

Explosive Squats and Uppercuts

Triceps Dips & Stability Kickbacks

Assisted Push-Ups & Mountain Climbers

Isometric Squats & Side Raises

Inverted Rows and Isometric Squat

Leg Kickbacks/Triceps Kickbacks and Front Raises