[Active] Physical Therapy

The Evolution for Physical Therapy

Resistance bands and parallel bars are important tools for physical therapy and rehabilitation. However, it's not always easy to find a stable frame to anchor resistance bands or find a set of parallel bars stable enough for physical therapy. The Evolution gives you both. Rather than tying resistance bands to table legs, attaching them to door frames, or securing them to your feet, the Evolution gives you a strong, sturdy frame to anchor them at variable heights. It also comes with a set of parallel bars. Not to mention, it also comes with a built-in assistance mechanism that will help anyone rebuild their foundation following injury.

Physical Therapy at Home - Hamstrings and Hips Strengthener

Strengthen your hips and hamstrings

Physical Therapy at Home - Shoulder Health and Thoracic Mobility

Open up your shoulder joints

Physical Therapy at Home - Hips Opener

Strengthen and open up your hips joints

Whether you want to do some physical therapy at home or you're a physical therapy practitioner who works out of a clinic, the Evolution is for you. And once you (or your clients) are ready, the Evolution will help tone muscle, gain strength, build endurance, lose weight, whatever the goals may be.