Denise Beatty, B.SC. Exercise Physiology Owner, The Fitness Fix

The Evolution is the most versatile, user-friendly, effective and FUN fitness training equipment I have used in home or at a gym! As an Exercise Physiologist I look for ways to effectively train all of our weakest links, and create resistance profiles to optimize results and prevent injury, regardless of your size, shape and ability. The Evolution allows me to do that for every client! I have one in my Fitness Studio and in a few short weeks clients are in love with the applications, ease of set up and unlimited exercise options with the parallel bars, support sling, various tubing resistance levels and resistance strap options. I highly recommend the Evolution to help you stay engaged, motivated, and to help you effectively and safely achieve your fitness goals!

Elysa Shira

I was performing very basic asanas on the Evolution and they were way harder.

Stacey Black

I am really enjoying training with the evolution. I started 12 months ago and I haven looked back. I enjoy training with the evolution over going to a conventional gym because I find I can still work on strength and conditioning but I am also able to use the evolution to improve my mobility and flexibility. I also found a huge issue with going to gyms was the amount of time it took out of my day. When I factored in the commute time, packing hair products, work clothes and figuring out what I needed for the remainder of the day the time needed to workout doubled. I was looking for a workout option that I could do at home. I found a huge difference working out with the evolution. Training with the evolution over the past 12 months I have noticed huge improvements in my body and in how I feel overall.

Don Foley

When I first looked at the machine, it was very basic. But once you start using it, working with it, you're like wow. This thing does everything and it's a full body workout. You might think you’re in fantastic shape and can lift weights and then you go do half an hour on the Evolution and it changes everything. You’re working all these different muscles and all these different groups that you’re not used to doing just going to the gym and just lifting weights. One of my wife’s favorite things is the full cardio and the full body workout. My wife and I train on the Evolution together. I can be doing a workout on one half and she can be doing a separate workout, working on her legs, on the other half of the Evolution. It’s just very dynamic!

Shane G.

I was very pleased when I started training using the evolutionVN... it is very sturdy and well built. Easy to set up and user friendly

Jennifer Haywood

The evolution is an amazing fitness tool. It’s a good safe way to push your body beyond its comfort zone. You will perform functional movements while working your body to fatigue. You will learn how to do movements properly while you develop strength and stamina. I highly recommend.

Michele Lee

The EvolutionVN team has been awesome. They were able to accommodate our ever changing schedule and were almost always early for training. I am very happy with the quality/structure of the Evolution and the knowledge of the trainers. This is definitely a great work out - I highly recommend checking this out regardless of your fitness level.

Nicole Keohane

Push-ups are hard. Push-ups are really hard. The Evolution really gives you the opportunity to get the confidence you need... that you can do it and it's not impossible.

Nicole Chacalias

The Evolution has changed the way I workout, I feel more confident and strong since I started using it last summer. Vu is so knowledgeable about fitness and the human body and he always takes the time to make sure I am performing the movements perfectly. I would highly recommend the Evolution for any level of fitness as it is so adaptable!

Donald Standing

When I first saw the Evolution, I didnt know what it was or how it worked, it looked like a great place to hang a wet beach towel. After some education, I was pleasantly surprised that this simple intelligently built device can give a great workout. I started using it in early February 2018, being out of shape I struggled getting though a fitness Something is wrong. The great thing about the Evolution is that you can add resistance or remove it depending on the type of exercise that you are doing. You will slowly build strength in every portion of your body including those muscles that you never knew existed.I have been using this device now twice a week fairly regular for 3 months. I dont have a beach body yet, no 6 pack, and Im still dreaming about those UFC Biceps. I dont look different but I can notice a difference when doing regular activities. When going swimming my breast stroke is much more forceful and I dont tire out as quickly as in the past. When doing yard work I can handle a gas whippersnipper with one arm without tiring or switching limbs for longer periods. Dragging large maple tree branches across the yard to the burn pile isnt the daunting task it used to be.The Evolution design allows you set the resistance to tough or lenient to match your current fitness level. Its is easy to learn to do exercises on it, it doesnt cost thousands of dollars, it doesnt a membership, and it wont take up a quarter section of space in your home. When you first see the Evolution, you may look at it funny wondering how it works, after a few rounds of sweating it out, youll come to your senses and realize what a great device it is.If you are planning on trying to get back into shape, give this device a chance, you wont be disappointed.

Larry Wong

Ive struggled to find somewhere to practice on parallel bars. The evolution has a solid set of parallel bars and allows me to practice a the comfort of my own home. I am pleasantly surprised at the fit and finish and the versatility of the apparatus!

Kim Wureftic

At first, I didn’t really know what the Evolution was. But, I was curious. One of the things that really stood out was how much it emphasized the correct form. It really helps you with proper form and it helps you with your stabilizer muscles which I don't think a lot of people necessarily focus on.

Katherine Kadhim

When I first saw it, I was intrigued. I immediately wanted to know how it worked and what kind of workout could be done with it. After trying it out I thought it was really neat and something super handy to have at home for a full workout. I like the versatility of it and how you are able to change the resistance and make the workout easier or a little more challenging. I think my favourite exercise were the push-ups because it allowed me keep my balance and my back straight. Also, having the straps made me feel safer and it allowed me to fully dip into the push-up.

Sharon Foy

I am very impressed by the Evolution product he has developed. It promotes healthy joint and muscle function and builds strength. Body weight training patterns are far more effective than the typical 'weights' or 'machines'. The Evolution system is easy to set up and takes very little room. Its portable and if you dont want to train inside, you can always take it outdoors. The thing I really liked about it was the fact that you could increase or decrease the resistance simply by adjusting the height of the clips, adding or subtracting bands, or by repositioning your body. There are no heavy weights to lug around and it eliminates the need to buy a variety of expensive dumbbells (which take up a lot of room and awkward to store). You can also do cardio training on it, which is a plus. The structure is very well designed and extremely sturdy - from a lightweight person to a heavyweight person there are no concerns with it being able to allow you to train effectively.The one other thing I was impressed with was that it is something that a beginner could use and feel confident with as well as asseasoned fitness buff. There is something for everyone and the variety of uses are endless. Im giving this a two thumbs up!

Kalie Niblett

Thank you for introducing me to EvolutionVN. The evolution is very unique and challenging. I have been able to do workouts that I never new I was capable of. Following a regular workout schedule and meal plan I lost 10 pounds in 6 weeks.

Jill McGaghey

I really like the concept behind the Evolution. Not everyone is into group classes, and even though I enjoy them, it’s great to have something that’s quick and effective you can do at home too! As a busy mom, time is everything. The team here gets that, and has created such an amazing product, but more than that they’ve created amazing resources and workouts as well. The online resources offer something for everyone, as does the evolution itself. Do yourself a favour and try it out!

Irene Ly

The Evolution is a versatile piece of equipment that is suitable for people who are starting to get into fitness and also for people who have a regular fitness routine. I quite enjoyed using Evolution as it made me train outside the box. I was able to complete exercises that I normally do at the gym with Evolution, however, at times these exercises felt like new exercises to me. Since the Evolution had a harness and resistance bands, I had to move my body differently and had to train my mind to view these exercises differently - this is good for people who are looking things to spice up their routines. I would recommend newbies and seasoned gym goers to give Evolution a try.

Laurel Berube

Having the Evolution has made it so that I can just run downstairs when my kids are playing, it's only 10 or 15 minutes. And even if I don't get 15 minutes, it's still better than if I chose not to do it at all. I actually want to go workout now instead of I "have to work out". I don't have to do it, I want to.

Evelyn Hunt

This product is the perfect fit to my overall exercise program... Between static biking and walking, this training system allows me to exercise and build my strength, using their daily workouts that suits me on my own time and in a timely manner. Great product!

Lina Addante

I started on the Evolution about a year ago and I absolutely love it. I hated doing push-ups but now I can do them with perform form, range of motion, and multiple. I would say that this machine is for everyone whether you’re a beginner or advanced exerciser. Now, since I’ve been doing it for a year, I’m doing thing that I never thought that I could. This not only built my confidence but also my self-worth.

Jhoseling Garcia

Do you want to be healthy? This is the first step to reach your wellness goals, the EvolutionVN equipment, program and team allow you to do that right now! I love it, you feel it, as the muscle continue working after the amazing and simple 10-15 min workouts, my 12 years old use it to improve his planks for Taekondo Classes. The hole family enjoy it every day; exercise together, build great family connections!

Mosope Idowu

It helps me so much with time management. First, there's done for you workouts. If you're trying to get a workout in during nap time or when your kids are occupied, you don't have to use a lot of your mental energy to figure it out. And, you only have to set up one thing. You don't have 5 pieces of equipment that your kids are tripping all over which is very stressful. What I love about the Evolution is I can pick up any workout, from anywhere, and do every single exercise.

Zena Ukisu

Two years ago I was a very different person. I was very overweight, tired, and sad. I knew I wanted a change but had no clue where to start. That November I began the most incredible journey of health and wellness that I’ve ever been on. I began training on the Evolution and saw results almost immediately. I got stronger and lighter, and along with nutrition coaching I was able to in the course of two years to drop 100lbs.The resistance bands are the perfect answer to my accident-prone body and weak joints. I’ve suffered injuries and have been able to rehab a broken ankle and replaced ACL. I have arthritis and the resistance bands have helped strengthen my weakened joints to the point that I rarely experience pain or soreness anymore.Losing weight isn’t just about a number. The further along I went on my health evolution the more my inner strength and self-worth were revealed. The Evolution has been instrumental in helping me build up my self-confidence to the point where I valued myself enough to lose the weight. For this, I am eternally grateful to VN Vigor and the Evolution!

Christine and Danni

I love the fact that it’s intense if you want it to be and you can slow it down if you wanted to as well. With the bands, you cannot cheat. I highly recommend it! - Danni I love the resistance bands and how you can add bands to make it harder. I love the supported push-ups because it forces you to do more full body push-ups. It’s super good for working the stabilizers. I just love the workout! - Christine

Emily Collins

Using the Evolution, you can use just your bodyweight, you can use the resistance bands, you can do anything. It’s a full body workout when you’re on the Evolution. You can do it really quick or you can spend hours on it. It’s just a very versatile piece of equipment. I really would recommend it.

Josh Hunt

I've found that when I use the Evolution, because of its unique structure, it really forces you to use not just proper form but you're really engaging your core. And because of the resistance bands, you're going through each movement, and going through the entire range of motion. By using the Evolution, it's really helping me stay injury-free and allowing me to, essentially, perform to my best abilities.

Katherine Angie Palma Chira

When I first saw it, I was intrigued. I immediately wanted to know how it worked and what kind of workout could be done with it. After trying it out I thought it was really neat and something super handy to have at home for a full workout. I like the versatility of it and how you are able to change the resistance and make the workout easier or a little more challenging. I think my favourite exercise were the push-ups because it allowed me keep my balance and my back straight. Also, having the straps made me feel safer and it allowed me to fully dip into the push-up.

Teresita Beagank

My favourite piece of equipment! A friend recommend this to me. They used it during group workouts at the office. Best invesment I made for my health

Teisha Beay

This is great for stretching! First time I used it in the gym, I was hooked. Great stress reliever.

Shirley C

If you have injuries, sore knees, or sore hips, you can go with lighter bands and it's not a strain on your body.

David Marulanda

I had a great time working out on the The Evolution. The simplicity and versatility of The Evolution make it a great piece of equipment for someone serious about getting in shape but with not a lot of time or space at home to make that happen.

Bradley Henry

Working with the evolution for the past 4 weeks has definately been a unique and enjoyable experience. I have noticed a change in muscle tone, physical fitness and overall wellness. I like the idea that i can workout every muscle group from one single gym equipment and doing it in my own home or even my backyard. It takes up very little room and is easy to move around and can be easly disassembled for transporting. The evolution is definately at the top of my list of gym equipment.

Alana Rich

This program is so easy to use anytime you have a quick minute to fit in a workout. I have the flexibility to choose what I do as well as they have made programs for me to follow, and it doesn’t matter what or how long, I always feel the burn! I would recommend this product to ANYONE ❤️