Sharon Foy

by:Vu Nguyen

I am very impressed by the Evolution product he has developed. It promotes healthy joint and muscle function and builds strength. Body weight training patterns are far more effective than the typical 'weights' or 'machines'. The Evolution system is easy to set up and takes very little room. Its portable and if you dont want to train inside, you can always take it outdoors. The thing I really liked about it was the fact that you could increase or decrease the resistance simply by adjusting the height of the clips, adding or subtracting bands, or by repositioning your body. There are no heavy weights to lug around and it eliminates the need to buy a variety of expensive dumbbells (which take up a lot of room and awkward to store). You can also do cardio training on it, which is a plus. The structure is very well designed and extremely sturdy - from a lightweight person to a heavyweight person there are no concerns with it being able to allow you to train effectively.The one other thing I was impressed with was that it is something that a beginner could use and feel confident with as well as asseasoned fitness buff. There is something for everyone and the variety of uses are endless. Im giving this a two thumbs up!