Why is Exercise Important? | 7 Benefits of Physical Activity

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It’s to no surprise that one of the most common Google searches is: “Why is Exercise Important?”

Despite what is commonly believed, exercise is about more than just gaining strength, building endurance, and managing your weight. Of course, these things are very important. But, it should no longer be a surprise when your doctor, friends, or coworkers tell you that you need to exercise because it’s beneficial to your health.

However, this is a very broad statement.

What does this mean: “beneficial to your health”? Too many of us associate health with the size of our waistlines. It’s very important to understand that regular exercise is good for so much more than helping you get that “bikini-bod”. While looking good in a bathing suit will make you feel good over the summer months, the non-superficial benefits of exercise will make you feel good for a lifetime.

And, when it comes to "exercise", it doesn’t have to be the traditional exercise that everyone thinks of. The benefits of physical activity in general will make you feel good for years to come. Looking good and feeling good, in every facet of life, will simply be a byproduct.


Why is exercise important? It makes you happy with yourself.


7 Benefits of Physical Activity

Listed below, in no particular order, are the 7 benefits of incorporating physical activity into your life. You decide which of these reasons is most important to you.

1) Reduces Levels of Stress

Are you regularly overwhelmed?

In today’s fast-paced world, there are so many reasons to be stressed. It could be work deadlines, tough relationships, family issues, endless chores, misbehaving children… and the list goes on. Unfortunately, the list of things that contribute to stress is much longer than the list of things that you can do to manage stress. Fortunately, exercise releases natural chemicals, endorphins, which block the transmission of pain signals and produce a feeling of euphoria (happy, happy, happy!).

It’s the most natural way for you to unload, unwind, and forget about things that are getting you down.

2) Strengthens Your Heart

What is the most important muscle in your body?

No, it’s not your pecs, glutes, or biceps! Your heart is the most important muscle in your body! Not only does regular exercise strengthen your heart, but it also lowers the risk of heart disease! Exercise improves your circulation, lowers your blood pressure, increases levels of good cholesterol, and lowers levels of bad cholesterol.

Having a good, strong heart doesn’t just mean having good intentions for others. Having a good, strong heart means lowering your risk of heart-related complications in the future.

3) Better Sleep

Do you value sleep?

That’s a rhetorical question… I know that you do! Unfortunately, many of us don’t get enough sleep. Rather, we don’t get enough quality sleep. We toss, we turn, and we wake up as tired as we were before we went to bed. One of the reasons our sleep quality is so poor is because our minds are over-active; over-stressed. As mentioned above, exercise is a natural reliever of stress.

Less stress = better sleep.

4) More Energy

Are you feeling tired?

If you’re like the majority of people, you probably are! You may be surprised to hear that it’s exercising, not napping, that’s the solution. Sounds crazy right? However, it’s not. Your fatigue may be the result of a lack of oxygen to the brain, and not the result of a lack of sleep. Exercise improves our lung capacity and our circulation, bringing more oxygen to both your brain and your muscles.

So, breathe your way to more energy. Any form of physical activity which challenges you will certainly have you breathing.

5) Increases Happiness

Could you use more happiness in your life?

Can you have too much? Perhaps it’s because of one of the reasons listed above or perhaps it’s because you feel accomplished and productive. Regardless, regular exercise helps to keep you happy!

In a day and age when 300 million people worldwide are depressed (World Health Organization), if there is a solution for free happiness, please take full advantage.


Why is exercise important? It makes you happy with yourself.


6) Self-Confidence

Are you unhappy with yourself or the way you look?

Despite what was said above, being happy with the way you look is very important. But this has little to do with looking good in a bikini. In a society that's obsessed with physical appearance, it’s easy to get down on yourself. Regular exercise contributes to a better self-image and self-esteem.

When you’re stronger, less stressed, well-rested, have energy, perform well, etc., you have no choice but to feel good about yourself.

7) Memory Boost

Do you suffer from brain-fog?

It doesn’t feel good when you can’t remember what you had for lunch, let alone forgetting something important. It’s been proven that exercise can boost your memory and make you more alert. Exercise stimulates the hippocampus which is a key component in the brain’s learning and memory functions.

When you remember the important things, you don’t have to sweat the little things.


When it comes to the question of why exercise is important, there are just too many reasons to list. Which of these resonates with you most?

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