Yoga Workouts at Home | Use Your Evolution To Do Yoga Workouts

Yoga Workouts at Home - did you know you can use your Evolution to do Yoga workouts?

Yoga Workouts at Home on Your Evolution

We've had the awesome privilege of working with Elysa Shira to create Yoga Workouts on the Evolution. Thanks to Elysa, you can now do Yoga workouts at home.

Elysa has 17 years of yoga experience – she’s also an awesome mother and an elementary school teacher! Through Yoga, she found strength and calmness and is a huge advocate for integrating it into your life. So, she gives you the gift of Yoga at home on your Evolution.

Relax, breathe, and flow.

Meet Elysa Shira

Why Yoga is Important for Your Body and Mind
Yoga Workouts at Home on the Evolution created by Elysa Shira, Side Angle

Why Should You Do Yoga Workouts?

Yoga workouts are great for building muscle tone and developing balance. It can also help relieve stress! Need more reasons to integrate Yoga into your life? Check this out.

Yoga Workouts at Home on the Evolution
Zesty Power Flow | Yoga at Home on Your Evolution

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