Zena Ukisu

by:Vu Nguyen

Two years ago I was a very different person. I was very overweight, tired, and sad. I knew I wanted a change but had no clue where to start. That November I began the most incredible journey of health and wellness that I’ve ever been on. I began training on the Evolution and saw results almost immediately. I got stronger and lighter, and along with nutrition coaching I was able to in the course of two years to drop 100lbs.The resistance bands are the perfect answer to my accident-prone body and weak joints. I’ve suffered injuries and have been able to rehab a broken ankle and replaced ACL. I have arthritis and the resistance bands have helped strengthen my weakened joints to the point that I rarely experience pain or soreness anymore.Losing weight isn’t just about a number. The further along I went on my health evolution the more my inner strength and self-worth were revealed. The Evolution has been instrumental in helping me build up my self-confidence to the point where I valued myself enough to lose the weight. For this, I am eternally grateful to VN Vigor and the Evolution!