About Us


We believe that everyone deserves a life of health and confidence and our mission is to deliver that through fitness. We understand that not everyone has the time, the knowledge, or the desire to achieve fitness by themselves. Therefore, our goal is to make it as convenient, practical, and attainable as possible for you. The Evolution has been designed to help you through this journey to fitness and the programs have been created to make your journey as easy as possible.


Vu Nguyen

Hello, my name is Vu. I’m the inventor of the Evolution and the founder of EvolutionVN.

Personally, I spent many years of my late teens and early adulthood suffering from a debilitatingly low self-confidence. My low self-worth made me guarded, defensive, and aggressive, all in an attempt to shield myself from the outside world. Because I didn’t respect myself, I didn’t believe that anyone else could respect me. This led to years of damaged relationships with family, friends, and colleagues. Slowly though, through fitness, I managed to come out of my shell and find my confidence. This changed my life in ways that words alone cannot explain. Understanding its importance, I’ve made it my life’s mission, to help bring out the confidence hidden inside you. My vision is of a world where all heads are held high. Why? Because I believe you deserve it. But, unlike me, you won’t have to go through that journey alone.

While I believe that the Evolution is versatile enough to be useful for just about anyone, I designed it specifically for women. Why? I spent most of my life surrounded by women. The majority of my teenage years were in a household with my two younger sisters and our mother. My clientele has been largely women. My friends have been as well. I say all of this to say that, I’ve seen enough to empathize. Women are too often self-sacrificing. This was especially true in the case of my mother, often juggling work, dinner, laundry, and three kids. Health and fitness for her would have been a luxury, not a right. And it’s specifically for busy women like her that I invented the Evolution.