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We know there's so much information out there. In this Exercise Blog, we'll address questions like: "how much you should exercise?", "why is exercise important?", and "what is the importance of core strength?". If you have specific questions related to exercise that you think we can help clarify, let us know!

Disability and Exercise | The Benefits of Physical Activity

Just like for anyone else, physical activity has many benefits. For people with disabilities, exercise can help maintain or improve functional abilities, such as range of motion, balance, and coordination.

Why You Should Do Parallel Bar Exercises | 3 Exercises to Try

No matter what your goals are, you should do parallel bar exercises. Parallel bars are a great way of using your bodyweight to make amazing strength gains.

The Evolution for Physiotherapists and Other Professionals

Exercise equipment are a must for physiotherapists, but traditional exercise equipment is not ideal. Find out why the Evolution is the best option.

Resistance Bands vs. Weights | 7 Exercises You Need to Try With Resistance Bands

The debate of resistance bands vs. weights often comes up. We'll tell you why bands are awesome and effective and show you 7 exercises you need to try.

What Home Exercises Burn the Most Calories - The 7 Best Calorie-Burning Exercises

Time for exercise is hard to find, so use your time effectively with these 7 exercises that burn the most calories. Bonus: you can do them all from home.

The Importance of Core Strength | Top 14 Exercises (Beginner to Advanced)

Time for exercise is hard to find, so use your time effectively with these 7 exercises that burn the most calories. Bonus: you can do them all from home.

How Much Should You Exercise | If You Break It Down, Not Very Much!

We know you know exercise is important, that's obvious. But, not everything about exercise is obvious. In this blog, we'll discuss how much you should exercise.

More Than Strength and Endurance | Other Important Benefits of Exercise

When we think about exercise we often think about building our strength and cardio. However, there are other benefits of exercise that should be considered.

Why is Exercise Important? | 7 Benefits of Physical Activity

It's no surprise that one of the most common Google searches is: "Why is Exercise Important?" Here are 7 reasons why you should start exercising today.

How to Make an Effective Workout Plan - 3 Examples Based on Lifestyle

Anyone can combine exercises and call it a "workout plan". But, will it be effective? To be effective, both your lifestyle and goals have to be considered.

Posture - The Importance of Alignment and Finding Muscular Balance

Posture is defined as the way that one carries his or her body both while stationary or in motion. Having good posture protects and preserves your lifeline — your spine.

The Importance of Movement | 3 Quick Workouts Designed to Make You Move (and Sweat)

We can't stress enough the importance of movement. Unfortunately, we're sitting more than ever! Here are 3 quick home workouts that'll make you move.

Agility – The Ability to Move Quickly, Precisely, and Safely

Agility is a skill that allows you to move swiftly, precisely, and safely. It's what helps you control your body and avoid a fall when you trip over something or slip on ice.

Mobility - The Ability to Move Freely, Easily, and With Less Risk of Injury

The line between flexibility and mobility is often blurred and confused. There is a definable difference between the two and understanding the difference will help limit your risk of injury.

Should You Wear Shoes When Exercising | Time to Get Back on Your Feet

Before you go out and buy those expensive shoes with the fancy arch support, let's answer one question: should you be wearing shoes when exercising?

How to do Squats With Resistance Bands | And Why You Should

Resistance bands are awesome for just about every exercise. In this blog, I'll show you how to do Squats with resistance bands and why it's better than doing them with weights.

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