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What to eat can be a very complicated subject. This section is not intended to advise you on what to eat. We just want to simplify eating and clarify misconceptions. From time to time, we'll have expert opinions on the subject of diets, allergies, etc. If you have any requests, let us know!

Dietary Fats Are NOT The Enemy – 7 Ways To Incorporate Fat

Whether you’re looking for weight loss or general improvement of health, dietary fat is important. We need to stop demonizing them and start acknowledging them for their health benefits.

Nutrition Blogs - Carbs, Friend Or Foe - A Simple Analogy

Carbs are often portrayed as the ‘enemy’ or the ‘bad guy’. Is that fair? Maybe they are just misunderstood. This simple analogy will help you tell the difference between good and bad carbs.

The CALMER Eating Method – Nutrition Made Simple

Nutrition can be tough, but many people are successful with nutrition by simply trusting their instinct and intuition. They follow what I call, the CALMER eating method.

To Supplement or Not - Here Are My Top 5 Supplements

There are thousands of supplements nowadays, which ones should you take? Based on my personal experience, here are my top 5 supplements.

How to Eat Healthy on a Budget - The Top 5 Habits When Eating on a Shoestring

Is it possible to eat healthy on a budget? I believe so! I say so from experience. If you're creative, it's certainly possible. Here are the top 5 habits of someone who eats healthy on a budget.

Aspartame or Sugar - Which Sweetener is the "Better" Alternative?

Diet sodas and other aspartame rich foods and their promise of being low-zero calorie sound great. Don’t they? However, are they really better than sugar?

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