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Why Join the Evolution Community

Being part of a community is very important because when you join a community, you're joining a group of individuals who share your goals and mindsets. They are the ones that will keep you accountable will you need a push and the ones that will give you motivation when you're feeling down on yourself. The Evolution Community will do exactly that. Specifically, this community will help you succeed on your health and fitness journey. Below we highlight individuals who have contributed to our growth.


Our Ambassadors

Our ambassadors are a vital part of the Evolution Community. Not only do they help spread the company message, many of our ambassadors create programs and help test our newest programs and accessories. If you have any questions about the Evolution and want a first hand response, these are the individuals you want to reach out to.

Cindy | Group Fitness Trainer and Mother of 3

Sarah | Barre Instructor and Mother of 3

Stacey | Registered Nurse

Our Awesome Moms

Moms are a big part of the Evolution Community. Here we highlight moms who manage to exercise despite how busy they are. We highlight them with hopes that they inspire other moms to do the same.




Christine and Danni

Our Members

Our members are a vital part of the Evolution Community. They help share the company vision, values, and message. Here we highlight our most active members.




What Our Evolution Community is Saying!

"I loved the Evolution the minute I saw it. The design and theory just made sense. I started training on it a few months ago and was amazed at what I could accomplish, like a regular pushup, in perfect form. I didnt think I could do that. Using the Evolution has given me the confidence to perform exercises with full ROM, proper depth and higher rep count. I am already noticing muscle definition in my arms and back, clothes are fitting looser and my stamina is way better. I highly recommend the Evolution!" - Lina Addante


"I really like the concept behind the Evolution. Not everyone is into group classes, and even though I enjoy them, it’s great to have something that’s quick and effective you can do at home too! As a busy mom, time is everything. The team here gets that, and has created such an amazing product, but more than that they’ve created amazing resources and workouts as well. The online resources offer something for everyone, as does the evolution itself. Do yourself a favour and try it out!" - Jill McGaghey


"It's a foundation that any individual regardless of their level of fitness is able to participate in certain exercises or movements without needing an extremely high level of fitness. I think it's also really positive for the individual to be able to feel success right off the get go and not have to invest months and months and months in training before they're going anywhere. I think that happens immediately with the Evolution." - Nicole Chacalias

Evolution Community Member Natalie